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Learn about the incredible results an
independent researcher, Dmitry Kan, received when
he tried out GSI's powerful Elasticsearch Plugin!
GSI Technology's own Daphna Idelson discusses the
Gemini® APU, search applications, distance metric learning
methods, and GSI's 1st place win in the MAFAT Challenge.
GSI is in the vanguard of Rad-Hard Technology
with our Aerospace & Defense offerings.
Gemini® APU
GSI's Solution for Search & Next Generation High Performance Computing
The Biggest SRAM Capacity in the Industry
GSI Technology's 288Mb Quad and DDR SRAMs
FREE Memory Controller IP
for Xilinx 7-Series, UltraScale, & UltraScale+ Families
For use with
GSI SigmaQuad/DDR-II+, IIIe, & IVe SRAMs