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Have you heard about GSI’s free, silicon-validated memory controller IP? This is the code that is being evaluated by multiple customers along with GSI’s SigmaQuad-IIIe & SigmaDDR-IIIe memories.


GSI started offering memory controller IP because most customers expect an off-the-shelf solution. And we knew how to make IIIe SRAM technology “fly” better than anybody else in the world. It’s about to get much more interesting.


GSI is now shipping beta copies of memory controller IP to customers who are using Xilinx’s Series 7 FPGAs and GSI’s SigmaQuad-II+ and 


We believe GSI’s controller benchmarks are beyond those available in the general marketplace. The following memory variations, when paired with GSI IP, are first priority:

Any SigmaQuad-II+ SRAM, B2 >333 MHz up to maximum of device (Xilinx IP Fmax = 333 MHz)
Example: GS8672Q20|38 (72 Mbit)
Example: GS82582Q20|38 (288 Mbit)


Any SigmaQuad-II+ SRAM, B4 >550 MHz up to maximum of device (Xilinx IP Fmax = 550 MHz)
Example: GS8672D20|38 (72 Mbit)
Example: GS82582D21|39 (288 Mbit) -- DATASHEET COMING SOON


Any SigmaDDR-II+ SRAM, B2 – any clock frequency (Not available from Xilinx)
Example: GS81302T20|38 (144 Mbit)
Example: GS82582T20|38 (288 Mbit)


Be sure to contact your local sales representative to get our IP Port today!