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Military/Extended Temp

GSI Technology
Military Temperature Brochure

Military Temperature Brochure

GSI  Technology Military Temperature Range SRAMs are ideal solutions for those environments that require operation from -55C to +125C for extended periods. GSI synchronous SRAMs can be found in aircraft sensors, missile signal processor units, drilling instrumentation and industrial controls around the world.

GSI Mil Temp SRAMs use the same materials and processes as their commercial equivalents. Each device is 100% tested across its full temperature range, includes IEEE 1149.1 JTAG for post-mount debugging, and most are available in both leaded and 6/6 RoHS lead-free BGA packaging. GSI SyncBurst, No Bus Turnaround (NBT), SigmaQuad and SigmaDDR SRAMs provide performance points of 150 MHz to >600 MHz at densities from 9Mbits to 144Mbits.

GSI Mil Temp SRAMs are identified by the trailing edge M on the part number (e.g., GS8673ED18/36BK-625M).

Don't see what you need? GSI supports a variety of semi-custom devices across both military and extended temperature ranges. Contact your local GSI sales representative for additional information.

For Radiation-Hardened SRAM offerings, please contact GSI Technology at