Radiation-Hardened SRAMs

Rad-Hard Datasheets
SigmaQuad-II+ (includes 288Mb, 144Mb, and 72Mb)
Synchronous Burst (includes 144Mb, 72Mb, and 36Mb)
No Bus Turnaround (includes 144Mb, 72Mb, and 36Mb)
Rad-Tolerant Datasheets
SigmaQuad-II+ (includes 288Mb, 144Mb, and 72Mb)
The Aerospace Corp Space Parts Working Group Presentation
(April 2017)
Military Temp Brochure

GSI Technology is excited to introduce several new high performance Radiation-Hardened   synchronous SRAMs:

• A family of SigmaQuad-II+ products: available in 288Mb, 144Mb, and 72Mb densities,    x18 and x36 configurations, On-Die Termination (ODT), and up to 350 MHz performance

• A family of SyncBurst & NBT products: available in 144Mb, 72Mb, and 36Mb densities,    x18 and x36 configurations, and up to 333 MHz performance

These Rad-Hard SRAMs are expected to serve as a critical element for advanced systems that   leverage leading-edge FPGAs, ADCs, and DACs; but until now lacked the high density, high performance, and power efficiency that our outstanding memory products bring. The initial devices   will be qualified to Class-Q and Class-V levels to meet the rigorous requirements of aerospace and defense customers. 

For our satellite and defense customers that have been anxiously awaiting an alternative to current Rad-Hard memory solutions, our Rad-Hard SRAMs leverage our proven commercial technology and architecture with radiation-hardening, creating an efficient, high performance, leading-edge memory at the 40nm technology node.

For less robust applications, GSI now offers SigmaQuad-II+ Radiation-Tolerant SRAMs, as well.

For more information regarding this exciting new technology, please contact GSI at aerospace@gsitechnology.com.