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Quality Information and Reports

ISO9001 Information

GSI Technology prides itself on the quality of its parts and the rigorous testing that each part undergoes to guarantee customer satisfaction.

In 2000, GSI began the process for ISO9001 certification and was awarded full certification for "design, development, and marketing of advanced
Static Random Access Memory (SRAM), telecommunications, and other memory-intensive integrated circuits" on June 25, 2001.

GSI Technology is committed to maintaining these standards and offers our most current certificates for viewing.


Click here to view our ISO9001 certificates.

Qualification Reports
In addition to our comprehensive quality guarantee, we also offer qualification reports for all mass production parts.

These reports may be requested by e-mailing our Quality department.

Please be sure that you include the entire part number in your request.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Information

E-TASC (Electronics - Tool for Accountable Supply Chains) is a sustainability solution created for companies to effectively implement a common approach for assessing and managing supply chain risk, and driving performance improvement related to labour practices, health and safety, ethics and environmental activity.
[Quoted from E-TASC site]

GSI Technology has been a member in good standing with E-TASC since 2010.

To learn more about E-TASC, visit their website.

To see GSI Technology's current standing, visit
E-TASC's Subscriber page.

Commercial and Government Entity
GSI Technology CAGE code:  3BKC7
Export Control Classification Number

GSI Technology Products ECCN:  3A991B2B

RoHS Certificate
GSI Technology offers fully 6/6 RoHS-compliant packages for virtually every part in our portfolio. Click here to view our RoHS certificate. Contact our  Quality department  if you have any questions.
REACH Certificate of Compliance
Click  here  to view our most recent REACH Certificate of Compliance. Contact our  Quality department   if you have any questions.
Environmental Policy
GSI Technology is committed to producing environmentally friendly products.  Click here to view our Environment Policy. Contact our Quality department if you have any questions.
Conflict Mineral Policy
GSI Technology is committed to complying with legislation and plans to enable designation of all GSI products as "Conflict Free".  Click here to view our Conflict Minerals Certificate. Contact our Quality department if you have any questions.