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Specialty SRAMs

GSI Technology's Specialty SRAMs fill the gap left when other SRAM companies left the industry. Our Register-to-Register, Late Write, and Double Late Write SRAMs have enabled critical designs to continue long after all other options were made obsolete.


  • Pipelined Read operation
  • Fully coherent Read and Write pipelines
  • ZQ mode pin for programmable output drive strength
  • IEEE 1149.1 JTAG-compliant Boundary Scan
  • JEDEC-standard pinout and package
  • RoHS-compliant package available

Name Density Org. Speed (MHz) I/O Voltage Core Voltage Package 6/6 RoHS Temp Special Features Status
Specialty SRAMs
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18Mb x36, x72 Up to 357 1.5, 1.8 1.8, 2.5 209 BGA, 119 BGA yes, no Ind, Comm See Individual Products NRND
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