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SyncBurst SRAMs

GSI offers the broadest portfolio of Synchronous Burst (SyncBurst) SRAMs in the industry. Our SyncBurst SRAMs provide the fastest clock rates and lowest power of any in the world.

SyncBurst SRAMs provide a "burst" of (typically) 2 to 4 words in response to a single clock signal. SyncBurst SRAMs are used in networking, industrial, automotive and medical imaging applications where a mid-range performance point (typically a 333-166 MHz clock rate) is required.



  • Industry-standard Synchronous Burst Interface
  • ZQ mode pin for user-selectable high/low output drive
  • LBO pin for Linear or Interleaved Burst mode
  • Byte Write (BW) and/or Global Write (GW) operation
  • Internal self-timed write cycle
  • Automatic power-down for portable applications
  • JEDEC-standard pinout and package
  • RoHS-compliant package available

Name Density Config. Cycle Time (MHz) Access Time (ns) Voltage (V) Package 6/6 RoHS Temp Special Features Status
SyncBurst SRAMs
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4Mb, 9Mb, 18Mb, 36Mb, 72Mb, 144Mb, 288Mb x18, x32, x36, x72 Up to 400 As Low As 4 1.8, 2.5, 3.3 Ceramic QFP, 165 BGA, 100 TQFP, 209 BGA, 119 BGA yes, no Mil, Ind, Comm See Individual Products Production, Active
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