Technical Notes

White Papers
Memory Thermal Management 101
The New Memory Performance Figure of Merit: Address Rate
HSTL I/O Sync SRAM Board Design Guidelines
SigmaRAM Targets High Speed Networking Applications
High Speed Memory Technology for Cache Applications
Application Notes
AN1024 GSI ECCRAMs™—The Benefits of On-Chip ECC
AN1023 SigmaQuad/DDR IIIe/IVe SRAM Overview
AN1022 Interfacing GSI Sync SRAMs to a Freescale MPC5554 Microcontroller
AN1021 SigmaQuad and SigmaDDR Power-Up
AN1020 Interfacing GSI Sync SRAMs to a Freescale Mutiplexed MPC567xF or PXR40xx Microcontroller
AN1019 SigmaQuad-II+ and SigmaDDR-II+ On-Die Termination (ODT)
AN1017 SigmaQuad-IIIe Input and Output Clocking Scheme
AN1016 SigmaCIO DDR-IIIe DQ ODT Control
AN1014 tKCvar Specification
AN1013 SigmaQuad Separate I/O Design Guide
AN1012 SigmaQuad Type I vs. Type II Timing Comparison
AN1010 SigmaQuad Common I/O Design Guide
AN1009 GSI's Synchronous Burst/NBT SRAMs Bridge the Gap Between Computer and Netcom Applications
AN1008 Address Pin Labeling Mismatch
AN1007 Pushing Your DSP to the Limit with GSI Technology SRAMs
AN1004 Cycle and Access Time Interpretation for Non-Technical People
AN1003 Designing with GSI's Flow Through Mode Pin
AN1002 Combatting Signal Integrity Issues with FLXDrive™ SRAMs
AN1001 Using ByteSafe™ SRAMs in Parity and Non-Parity Applications
AN002 SigmaRAM Echo Clocks